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I’m a first-generation Bolivian American who grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After getting my Masters in Advertising from UT Austin, I spent ten years kicking around a few Dallas ad agencies producing work for American Airlines, Jack Daniels, Dr Pepper, 7UP, Texas Tourism, Discover Network, and Butterball Turkey.


In 2011, I moved to London and become the lead branding writer for, the world’s largest English language learning platform. I spent two years in a much more "hands-dirty" role, doing market research, developing strategies, and producing work for a wide variety of international markets.


Two years later, I decided to take my brand marketing experience for a spin and venture off on my own. After securing a UK entrepreneur visa, I started my own agency called Warp Drive UK. For the next four years, we worked with a variety of international brands, including adidas (EU), Network Rail (UK), Geox Footwear (IT), and Clover Foods (SA). Without sounding like too much of a pompous ass, my work has been translated into over 40 languages and run on five continents.


In 2016, my wife Kristie and I had our daughter Olívia, and we decided it was time to move back to the US. I landed another in-house, head writer gig with Freeman, the world’s largest experiential marketing provider, and there I was tasked with crafting the company's new voice for their massive, global rebrand. Unfortunately, COVID-19 hit the events industry pretty hard, and I was laid off in the summer of 2020.


But when one door closes, another opens, right? A couple of months later, I was offered a role as an instructor at the University of Colorado Boulder. (Hey! That Masters degree finally came in handy!)  I currently reside in Arvada, Colorado, where I spend half my time teaching advertising and the other half working on freelance projects for clients big and small.


I’m just as comfortable collaborating with teams as I am “lone-wolfing it,” so however you need me to work, I assure you I can be flexible. Well, I think that covers everything. Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have a question. I love talking to people!

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(505) 312-1482

Thanks for visiting my site! Hope you have a nice day.

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